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Tomorrows the day!

Tomorrows the day!

Yep, I said I'd wait until the end of the month and see if AT&T made *any* announcement that showed that it was actually concerned about it's customers. Not a peep out of them that I've seen. PC Companion still says it's up to date with 1.6 which we know is a lie. So, tomorrow I rebrand* my phone and update it. Now the next big question. Do I wait until our contracts are up to sever a twenty+ relationship with AT&T or do I pay to get out? Decisions, decisions. *Yeah, I know, many of you will say I waited way too long to do this.
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Re: Tomorrows the day!

Guess I missed what you are chafing about.  What is it, down level firmware on an android?  So you are considering another carrier for better coverage?  I don't think so.  For better pricing?  Perhaps.  For better support of branded firmware update?  Tell us about it.


I cannot claim 20 years but I can claim over 10. I don't find a better GSM carrier.  If a phone interests me enough to re-up that so-called "contract" maybe I bite, but branded firmware normally does not last more than a day or two around here.   AT&T issues whatever wonderful features they want in phones they sell.  Count your blessings that you are free to de-brand or to buy your own non branded phone if you like.

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Re: Tomorrows the day!

I waited to purchase the Xperia until the 2.1 upgrade was announce by SE, never believing that AT&T would be so incompetent as to not get their own update out within days. This is not the first time I've been upset with AT&T but it is the first time I've been upset enough to leave.


I've been a programmer, software engineer, or system administrator for over twenty years.  For all hardware we supported updates were provided unless it just wouldn't work.  There's no excuse except that they just don't care.

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Re: Tomorrows the day!

Are you looking to unbrand your Xperia and then upgrade? If so you can do it any time, just keep in mind if you have problems and need to send it in, rebrand with at&t ROM prior to sending it.

Sorry if I misunderstood your question.
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Re: Tomorrows the day!

And that's why programmer's shouldn't write the user manual. It was clear in my mind what I was talking about in the original post Smiley Happy


I had posted at the start of the month in another one of the "when the blazes are we getting 2.1" threads that I was going to wait until the end of January to see if any announcement of any sort was made by AT&T about the X10upgrade. Even if they just said "some time in the first quarter". But nary a peep. So I'm off to rebrand my phone, get the update, and decide about changing my service. Looking at the service ratings don't see why I wouldn't.

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