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Posted Feb 10, 2010
4:49:05 PM
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Tired of $2 Charge for Data When I Don't Use It

I have a 1400 minute a month family plan for three lines with unlimited texting. None of us "intentionally" use Media Net. But for the last couple of months, one or two of our lines has been charged $2 for a couple of kB of data "usage." I've called ATT and they've taken the charges off but they now tell me they won't necessarily do this the next time I call in. I have accidentally hit the Media Net key on my LG  CF 360 a time or two and have tried to cancel it as quickly as possible--I've seen the blue and white ATT earth spinning for a fraction of a second or two.


This is exasperating because ATT knows that it is impossible to map the media net key to a different location on my LG (it is the center of the toggle) and it is easy to accidentally hit. All they offer is the ability to totally block date which would then also block my ability to send photos via my unlimited texting.


Anyone else have this particular problem? Any suggestions? 

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