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Tilt2 Mobile Banking re: US Bank


Tilt2 Mobile Banking re: US Bank

Maybe I'm missing something but the Mobile Banking does not work with a Tilt 2 and US Bank as the DEMO section would lead you to believe with the US Bank logo plastered all over it.


When you get an activation code from US Bank there are two options.


1.  If you already have the software you just get an activation code.  As the Tilt already has the software I did this and when you attempt to use it, it sais that US Bank requires a newer version and to get it from them.


2.  You download the software from US Bank...  they ask for the device by model and the Tilt 2 is not listed.  I attempted to use HTC Touch Flo device it did have, but when you try to use the software it just locks up.


I'm not sure if I'm more annoyed that I can't use the app (cause it's easier and nicer than the mobile website it seems) or that eventhough the USBank logo is plastered all of the the Demo ON a Tilt 2, US bank does not support the Tilt 2.


Or...  on the off-chance I'm missing something... I'm posting this note.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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