Tilt 2 extended batteries


Tilt 2 extended batteries

My appologies if this topic has already been covered.


Last Saturday I was using Google Maps for navigation and it sucked down 40% of the battery in less than two hours. I'm looking at an extended battery that does not require using a different door on the back of the phone. It's already fat enough.

I was looking at this one:


Seidio Innocell 1750mAh Extended Battery for AT&T Tilt2


Has anybody had any experience with it? Does it provide enough extra capacity to justify it's hefty $50 price tag?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Tilt 2 extended batteries

Were you using it for navigation in the car, if so then use a car power adapter to keep the battery from draining while using GPS.  If you were on foot or other transportation without a power outlet, then of course that won't help.


Testing by one of the folks on XDA found the Seidio extended battery to be disappointing (link below).  The mAh rating was worse than the standard battery!  I'm sure there is much more useful info on the tread, but I'm personally not interested in reading all 17 pages.



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Re: Tilt 2 extended batteries

Yes I was using it in the car but not my car.

Thanks for the info though. It's helpful. I don't want to spend a bunch of bucks if it's not going to help.



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Re: Tilt 2 extended batteries


go on ebay and buy an extra charger for $4 and you will find extended batteries for a lot less.

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Re: Tilt 2 extended batteries

You might just want to get a car charger to keep the juice up on your current battery. I use a BoxWave car charger and have never had a problem with it! Best of luck


Tilt2 Accessories: http://www.boxwave.com/products/easyfinder/buy-best-htc-tilt-2-accessories_3729.htm

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Re: Tilt 2 extended batteries

A car charger was already suggested by 2 other people.  And the OP stated he was in his friends car at the time, and that is why he was running off only the battery (probably just a spur of the moment thing).

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