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Tilt 2 call volume


Tilt 2 call volume

I noticed the call volume on Tilt 2 is not too loud even at max. up. My old phone it was considerably louder. It is not too bad the way it is now, but it can be better. Anyone experienced this? Is there a reg edit or some hack that I could change the volume values to higher ones. The handsfree is loud enough though.



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Re: Tilt 2 call volume

I've experienced the same. Volume turned all the way up, yet I'm pressing the phone into my ear to hear the other person.

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Re: Tilt 2 call volume

For me, this has always been a problem on HTC phones and is one of the reasons I was going to upgrade from a Fuze.


There is a registry setting that limits the output of the speaker to 100dB. To bypass you need to search for the registry key or an advanced configuration tool. It doesn't help with the Fuze as incoming sound is low and tinny and outgoing picks up way to much background noise.


Interested to see what Tilt2 users are finding with cell phone voice quality.


You can search on Google or here's a link to a useful forum for the device:


Regards-Michael G. 

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Re: Tilt 2 call volume

Look in Start > Tools....there's an Audio Booster app there provided by AT&T as part of the stock ROM. I haven't tried it, but I assume it's like the various audio booster cabs floating around on XDA...they make the audio louder. Used one of these on my AT&T Fuze...but haven't felt the need to use it on the TP2....mostly I use a blue tooth headset and it's plenty loud...almost too loud actually.
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Re: Tilt 2 call volume

doesn't audio booster only work with a headset?


Here's a link: 

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Re: Tilt 2 call volume

some users report that the fix doesn't work with the Tilt 2... Smiley Sad

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Re: Tilt 2 call volume

Finally I got it working:


marcini's AudioPara3ATTMax.csv. Good thing is not a hardware issue.

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Re: Tilt 2 call volume

Before I go ahead with this, will this make the Tilt 2 phone keep the In Call volume that I set?

My problem is that most of the times when I check the earpiece (not BT) volume I find it at about 2 on a scale of 0 to 10. I raise it to max which makes it acceptable, but then most of the time it will go back to the original setting. This does not happen always, just most of the time.

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