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Tilt 2 - Signal/Reception quality HIGHLY sucks!


Tilt 2 - Signal/Reception quality HIGHLY sucks!

I used to have the Motorola Q9H with AT&T before I switched to the Tilt 2. With my Q9H I had great signal at my house, in my room. Almost full bars all the time. Now I noticed I'm always losing the signal with my Tilt 2! How could this be?! Same service, same room nothing has changed besides the phone! Unbelievable! Is there any tweak/hack/registry edit, something!, that will edit maybe how often the device updates the signal it picks up, the frequency, etc.


Any suggestions anyone?


Maria Smiley Sad

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Re: Tilt 2 - Signal/Reception quality HIGHLY sucks!




tsmith154 wrote:

That is great help.  Thanks for taking your time to explain.  I followed your information and I have flashed rohdiium hard spl.  I hope I spelled the hard spl name correct.  I have tried different radios now and have found nothing better than the one that is stock.  I will try some more.


I have tried to flash some roms but so far the response is this rom is not compatable with my phone.  Do you think it is my hard spl? I flashed.  Is there different ones that allow different roms?


Again thanks for your help Smiley Very Happy


Over at XDA, Radio seems to be popular.  I'm still on stock myself, since it works just fine for me.


Sounds from your later post that you figured out the flashing issue.  What was the solution?  The HardSPL which I linked on the XDA site should work with any ROMs.



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