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Tilt 2 Disable SMS Sent Notification


Tilt 2 Disable SMS Sent Notification

OK, I know about the registry tweak to disable the popup SMS Sent Notification:


Disable SMS Sent Notification
"SMSNoSentMsg"=dword:00000001 ->0 to enable, 1 to disable.
Did that, and I get no notification bubble.  I know how to turn off the sound in the notifications area.
But there is still a notification icon that pops in at the status bar at the top of the home screen.  When you press it, the notifiaction window opens and you  have a "Message sent" notification.
So I still have to dismiss a useless message sent notification.
How do I turn this off?  I have an HTC Tilt 2 with the new ROM.
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Re: Tilt 2 Disable SMS Sent Notification

I did some digging, and found a post by Schmenge (Sorry if I mis-spelled that).  He had a link to this cab:


It cleared that annoying notification!  THANKS!!!


Who in their right mind thought that would be a desirable notification to see a thousand times a day!?!

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Re: Tilt 2 Disable SMS Sent Notification

yeah that worked instantly
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