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This is weird...


This is weird...

Last night I was away from my cell phone, and received a call from a private number. A voicemail was left by the number, but rather than a person leaving a message, all that was left was a beeping tone. Three "beep, beep, beeps" and that's all. However, this isn't what really bothers me. For someone reason, I can no longer access my voicemail options (delete message, skip, main menu, etc.). My voicemail system doesn't seem to recognize when I press the numbers on the keypad. It plays my messages but won't let me do anything else. Any suggestions?
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Re: This is weird...

That "beep - beep - beep" sounds like a fax machine trying to locate another fax machine. Obviously a wrong number.

If you are still having trouble with your voicemail, call 611 and have them reset your voicemail. It sounds like somehow it got corrupted.

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Re: This is weird...



I'm having the same problem. Four beeps, and my touch tones don't work. I know it's voicemail-specific because the touch tones work fine when I call 611.


I've checked and rechecked my dtmf settings, I reset my default settings, I even exchanged my phone for a new one. But still, same problem. Anybody have a clue what to do?

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Re: This is weird...

You can call customer service and ask them to delete and re-setup your voicemail box.

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Re: This is weird...

When you 'dial' numbers on your phone, the phone actually transmits a unique tone or sound for each key (0-9,*,#) the receiving phone or device uses the tone, and not the actual key pressed to determine your selection.  The tone does not have to come from an actual key press, the receiving phone/device will accept any source for the tone ( Case in point, I have actually mastered whistling into the mouth peice of my phone at the same pitch as the * and 0 tones to mimick pressing the respective key.)  This is how fax machines communicate over telephone lines.


I hypothesize that the device leaving the "beep-beep-beep" voice mail, may actually be generating a tone that the voicemail system is interpretating as a command (key press) and those tones may either be causing the voicemail system to crash/malfunction, or may actually be setting an option in your voicemail account to ignore key-tone commands.


If this is the case, these messages may not actually be 'wrong number' calls, but actually malicious attacks which have the direct purpose of causing this problem.   I actually doubt it is a fax machine, because fax machines after dialling,--and possibly after noticing that the line has stopped ringing on the other end,-- at least to my understanding, send a series of tones that say "I'm a fax machine! Are you there? Can I start transmitting data?" and wait for a reply similar to "Oh hello fax machine, I am a fax machine as well, and would love to hear what you have to say," and if it does not get that reply within a certian amount of time, it will decide, "I am not talking to a fax machine, I give up." or "The fax machine I am calling is ignoring me, I'm not going to waste my time and energy on this call." The amount of time the fax machine waits is, to my understanding, shorter than the time it takes for the voicemail prompt to allow you to start recording a message, so a fax machine would likely give up before it starts recording.


Of course it is possible that one of the tones in the aforementioned "I'm a fax machine!" series of codes actually mimicks the 'star' key, the key that is generally used to tell the voice-mail system, "I don't need you to ask me to leave a message after the tone, just let me start recording my message." in which case the voice mail will start recording before the sending fax machine finishes asking if it's speaking to an other fax machine.


--Poster's note: This reply is probably a lot longer than it has to be, so I aplaude you if you actually read the whole post.  Also, I really hope this theory helps AT&T discover a fix to this problem, as I can assure you it took a lot longer to write than it has taken you to read.

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