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Thinking Of Switching From Verizon To AT&T...Help


Thinking Of Switching From Verizon To AT&T...Help

I'm thinking of switching from Verizon to AT&T....Has anyone else done the same thing?  How do you like AT&T?


I don't care about customer service.  I don't care about dropped calls.


We want the cheaper option.


We are going to want a family plan with 5 lines, 2 of them having a $15 data plan.  Very minimum amount of minutes and unlimited text messaging.



Right now at Verizon we pay $140 a month for 3 lines, one of them has an unlimited data plan.


That is including 20% off that we get through my work.


We need to add 2 more lines which would bring the total to $160.


And one of the lines needs a data plan so if we stick with Verizon our monthly bill would be about $200.



Would it be worth it to switch to AT&T?


Verizon has the worst selection of phones and the way that they do their upgrades is stupid.  They keep giving us different answers everytime we ask them about our service.

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Re: Thinking Of Switching From Verizon To AT&T...Help

I switched from Verizon to AT&T and I am very happy with them. I rarely drop calls and my data is much faster now. If you are getting a smart phone with AT&T their network is superior for data. It drove me nuts on verizon when I wanted to use my phone on speakerphone and look something up at the same time and couldn't. AT&T uses GSM so you can put people on hold and make 3way calls etc which I don't think you can do on verizon. I haven't had any problems with AT&T's customer service either - I'm not sure why they have such a bad reputation.

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Re: Thinking Of Switching From Verizon To AT&T...Help

I have been with AT&T ever since the merge with Cingular. I have never had a problem with the network. Most of the people that I know that have problems are the iPhone users. I have nothing to do with Apple products and never will. I think you will be happy with the customer service even though you say you are not concerned with it. Dropped calls are a non issue. The phone prices are the biggest advantage. When it comes time to get a new phone there is always a nice phone at a realatively inexpensive price.

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Re: Thinking Of Switching From Verizon To AT&T...Help

There are some great points being made here. With my experience, I cancelled my month-to-month service with Verizon and joined AT&T for prepaid service on Christmas of December 2009. I have been fairly satisfied ever since. Verizon was just too pricey for my liking... I didn't like the expensive plans and the limited plan I was getting for what I was paying monthly for. I decided to ditch the big V and took my business to AT&T after I was referred by a friend to join.


Overall, I like AT&T. They have a decent phone selection and understandable policies and fair prices. The only exception customers may not find attractive is that AT&T does no longer have its Unlimited Data plan. Despite that disappointment to some people, less than 98% of AT&T customers use less than 2GB of data per month. That's why the plan was tiered - to help existing and potential customers such as yourself to save money on their data plan.


I haven't had many coverage issues with AT&T. The only times I can remember were when I was in a thick forest of woods, and I could only get a bar or two of EDGE. Other than that, I am pleased with my service.


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