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The wrong log-in phone number is tracking my teen's phones


The wrong log-in phone number is tracking my teen's phones

Several months ago FamilyMap stopped working.   It was orignially set up with my cell phone number as the log-in page phone number to track my two teen's phones.   Somehow I got it to start work again by reregistering and entering a different notification/tracking phone number, i.e. the phone number/password combination that allows us to track our children's phones.   Unfortunately the phone number I entered is my daughter's number--since my original phone number log-in no longer worked.      Now the location notification messages on my son's phone are going to my daughter's phone number-not to my phone number!


I have tried to change account settings, but the page just hangs.  How do I change the log-in phone number/password combination without losing all the history and places I've already entered into our account?


While Family Map is not perfect, it is getting is important information we need to make sure our kids are safe and are making good decisions.   I really want to get this working again.



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Re: The wrong log-in phone number is tracking my teen's phones

Hey vstitt,


Sorry you're having trouble! You should give AT&T support a call--they should be able to make you the administrator on your account/let you sign back up with your old phone number.


Please post with updates! If the Att support folks can't fix your problem, I might be able to give you a few tips on futher steps you can take.





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