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The poorest excuse for customer service

The poorest excuse for customer service

Bought a samsung captivate almost 8 months ago, since then have had to have it replaced 3 times.  This has caused me issues with work and I've finally had enough.  Service in certain areas has been unacceptable as well, which also causes issues that cost me money.  The captivate cost me $200 and my only option is to either get that phone again under warranty or be out of pocket on another phone.  Give me a break sell me a phone that doesn't work and expect me to pay for another phone.  great job at&t, definately won't recommend you to anyone and everyone i meet will hear all about your so called customer service.

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Re: The poorest excuse for customer service

what exactly is wrong with the phone as it seems odd that all your replacements are bad.
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Re: The poorest excuse for customer service

I've had such bad luck with Samsung phones. I've swore never to by Samsung again. I'm surprised they have not swapped you out of it. Often, after two exchanges, they will let you swap to another phone. Of course, probably the only other phone that would come close to being a fair swap would be the Inspire. Given it's such a new phone, there may not be many refurbs available.

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