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The Atrix 2


The Atrix 2

I have the Atrix 2. Im normally not the review type. But Being that I went through so many Phones in the first 30 days from Best Buy. I started with the Thrill. It was pretty cool...but it had a lag, and the 3d felt kind of gimmicky after I tried to send a 3d picture to a 3d phone and they couldn't receive it. Shrug So I traded it for the Inspire. I loved the inspire but I missed my front facing camera (coming from Sprint the EVO, and the Epic 4g) So i took it back and I got the Infuse... I was sold on the infuse..big screen, bright colors, super fast 4g (Philadelphia) but that dang GPS and Samsung lagging on updates I got into my last week (this week) so I went and looked at the Atrix. 


I read all the reviews, went to the local ATT store messed around with the Atrix (1) when the lady showed me the Atrix 2. After about 10 Minutes I decided this was the phone I was going with.


Once I got the phone I charged it up and the onslaught of Apps came. (I run my own Social Media Management Company)  So I have Tweetdeck with 30 accounts. and guess what?! No problems, no tweetdeck black screen. No Force close. Nothing, commenced to give it  my all...Not only did it handle it, it surpassed my expectations. 


I have yet to have a freeze or a hang up. The 4g runs almost as fast as the wifi in my home. The battery life is great I used it pretty heavily. Tweeting, 3 You tube videos, Zumocasted a couple songs to my phone, Installed 15 Apps. Used Facebook, Text heavily, 3 Phone calls on Bluetooth. and after 6 hours I got to 40%.


The Sound of the speaker is amazing. The screen even though its no Super AMoled. Its very nice, and watchable. The camera is a little ify but its been raining and i haven't really got out and taken pictures. 


So far my opinion this phone is the [word filter evasion]! For lack of better words. Its no Galaxy S 2. But after i have had a couple Samsung phones they are great...but since they are competing with the aware you might wait forever for a update and instead they may just come out with another phone and never update the OS. (My opinion)


I use my phone to be an extension of my laptop. Manage multiple business twitter accounts. 12 Email accounts, and various other things all the way down to playing poker. The GPS is spectacular. this device is definitely great. This is coming from someone who had most of the comparable devices except the Galaxy S 2. 


Plus at Best Buy its only $49 Dollars with the money I spent for the infuse, I got a better faster more dependable phone. With a Otterbox Cover. 


I hope this helps. My Spelling might be off, but hey Just read the review! lol 


Happy Motorola Atrix 2 User! 

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Re: The Atrix 2

That's right. It's great to try new things every once in a while. I have personally been considering getting an iPhone 3GS to use along with my Android phone - the best of both worlds.

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Re: The Atrix 2

I might have to check this out. I love android, but I have bogged down my evo. I run numerous email accounts and apps. I constantly tells me I am out of space. I have tried moving everything I can to sd, but it isnt enough. Maybe the Atrix 2 is the answer. Especially after reading this review, sounds like it may be the key.

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Re: The Atrix 2

I don't usually endorse items, but just switched from a long time Blackberry.  The Torch was a horrible device but kept it due to laziness. 


The latest fiasco with blackberry pushed me over the top, though.  So when I found that I was eligible for an "upgrade" I went shopping. 


Alot of the Droid phones just seemed so big to me ... I'm really after something I can carry in my shirt pocket (so it's easy to reach while driving) and won't weigh down my shirt to my waist!  In my search, I found the Atrix 2. 


There are alot of nice features:  very nice screen, has a ton of apps, easy to use, light, thin, good sound, etc, etc.   My favorite, I have to say is the battery life!  Lasts me days (instead of the hours I had with my Torch). 


Great job, Motorola!  Nice to be back (my first cell phone was a RAZR).

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Re: The Atrix 2

At this point I couldn't justify buying a smartphone, that and I am more than happy with my current phone, but that being said I am still intrigued by the Atrix 2. If I were to get an Android phone it'd be that one.

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Re: The Atrix 2

I went in to the AT&T store with the intention of purchasing the HTC Inspire, and ended up in the store looking at other phones.  I ended up with a toss up between the Inspire and the Atrix, when the salesman brought me the Atrix2.  While I am not a heavy user of apps, or emails, I had grown tired of some of the other phones I had dropping signals, and freezing on me.  The salesman told me this was the newest update of the Atrix, and it wasn't even on the sales floor yet... they had just received them that day.  He also offered to meet the price they were selling it at Best Buy.  Between that, and the salesman telling me that since Motorolla had been in the cell phone business longer than anyone, their antenna's were usually the best.  Between the hopes of not dropping signals when I go visit my daughter (she lives in the middle of nowhere outside of Nashville TN), and the lower price, I purchased the Atrix 2.  My last motorolla phone was the Razr, I HATED IT!  So I was prepared to hate this one too, and bring it back and get the Inspire instead.  Well, 45 days later, I LOVE MY ATRIX2!!!!!!  I wouldn't trade this phone for anything.  I have a signal all over Nashville, and out at my daughter's house, when no one else does.  It never freezes on me.  I have yet to get a message saying I have no space left, and I can be on the phone, surfing the web, and playing games on my lunch break, and still have about 50% battery left at the end of the day.  I have rarely had to connect it to the car charger.  Usually I charge it at night, and it goes all day long.  The only time I have not had a 4g connection was when I was visiting my daughter in the boonies, but I was still able to make and receive calls, when she couldn't on her phone.  The call quality is great.

My husband and daugher both have the Inspire.  While I like that phone also, and the camera on it is a bit better, I still wouldn't trade my Atrix 2 for one.

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Re: The Atrix 2

Awesome! Smiley Very Happy

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