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Texts hacked?


Texts hacked?

My girlfriend confronted me with a text conversation I had with a friend a few weeks ago, but she read the conversation from her phone.  How is this possible? 

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Re: Texts hacked?

Could the friend have forwarded her either the texts or a screenshot of them? You don't say what kind of phone you have, but hacking into your phone isn't a simple process. That said, there are apps that will remotely monitor your activity, but she would need to have had access to your phone to install it.

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Re: Texts hacked?

I'm on Windows phone.  She's on the IPhone4.  She may have had short term access to my phone, although I never shared my passcode with her.

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Re: Texts hacked?

Oh...and the friend didn't forward anything.

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Re: Texts hacked?

Well, she either had access to your phone or the recipient's phone, or someone forwarded her the messages. There's no other possible explanation. And even if you didn't give her your passcode, she could have figured it out. You might want to try resetting your phone to factory settings and see if she's still receiving copies of your messages.

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Re: Texts hacked?

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