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Texts going to wrong numbers


Texts going to wrong numbers

There have been a few occasions in the past week or so where I will text someone, and get a reply from a different person in my contacts.  First I thought I'd just sent a text to the wrong number, but when I checked my sent box, it verified that it was sent to the intended person, however the intended people never recieved the texts. 


The texts seem to be going to random people in my contacts list, so far all ATT users... and the only way I can tell where the missent texts are ending up is if those people reply and tell me.  Three of my friends have experienced the same problem, and all are ATT users, what could be causing this?

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Re: Texts going to wrong numbers

The same thing happened to me yesterday except I did/do not recognize the number or it's not in my contact list. The 'Wrong Number' recipient also mentioned that this has happend to them in the past; not only through texts but also through calls.

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