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Texts being sent to wrong person


Texts being sent to wrong person

I have been having a problem where sometimes my text is sent to the previous person I sent a text to.  If a new person sends me a text and I open it, read it and reply, the reply actually has gone to the person that had texted me previously! This just started happening since I updated with gingerbread.  Any suggestions on how to fix this? The AT&T stores didn't seem to have any idea.  Thank you! Smiley Happy

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Re: Texts being sent to wrong person

You need to tell us what device you have, for people to properly help you.


This is a known Gingerbread issue.  Try a 3rd party SMS app from the Market, and it should work correctly.  Really a workaround, and not a real fix.  But it should work, and 3rd party apps often have better looks and customizations, anyway.  I recommend Chomp SMS or GO SMS.

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Re: Texts being sent to wrong person

Sorry about not leaving the device information.  I have a Samsung Capitvate. Smiley Happy

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