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Texting while visiting South America


Texting while visiting South America

Does anyone have experience with texting while visiting another country.  I purchased the ATT text plan before I left the US for Peru and they informed me to turn off data roaming, cellular data & 3G and I would be able to send and receive 50 text for a flat fee of $10. I am using an Iphone 3G and tried texting as soon as we landed & I turned off airplane mode.  I instantly get an ATT msg that int'l rate of $20 applies & I need an int'l data package.  How can I be using data when it is turned off; I don't understand, can I text without incurring data charges or not???  Sorry for double dipping; call me confused. 

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Re: Texting while visiting South America

You don't need cellular data for text messaging.  Text messages are carried over the voice side of the network so keeping data roaming or cellular data will help avoid any data roaming charges.

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