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Texting time issue


Texting time issue

In the last couple of days I have been getting texts that are coming thru with time stamps later than the current time, IE..The text says it was sent at 7:43 yet the time is only 7:22.... Any one know how to fix this?  I have tried restarting the phone, and making sure the phone is the correct time.  Its very annoying due to all the messages are not in the right order and sometimes it doesn't give you a notification that it was received....



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Re: Texting time issue

Time change glitch? Daylight savings to std time
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Texting time issue

No, was happening before that, and it wasn't an hour differance just like 20 minutes or 10 specific span of time......Thanks for the thought tho!

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Re: Texting time issue

This is likely to the time being different on the different network elements that are used to transport the SMS and movement from different network nodes by you or the other party.


Say I send an SMS from an area where the network node says the time is 300pm. When it arrives at its destination (that is using different network nodes that I), the time stamp on my sent message shows 300pm however the received devices time shows that it is 258pm. That would make it appear that the message was from the FutureSmiley Happy


As it is now, the wireless network nodes are not synced when it comes to the time so it is possible to see this for anything that uses a time stamp from the network.

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Re: Texting time issue

Would need to know what phone, or even what operating system you are talking about, in order to properly help.


If an Android phone, find "SMS Time Fix" in the Android Market, install and it should fix the problem.



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