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Texting from within Canada


Texting from within Canada

I have an iPhone with unlimited texting and a fairly decent amount of calling minutes. Anyways, for the next few months, I will be in Canada, and will need to call/text both US numbers and Canadian numbers.


As of now, I've turned off my phone as iti s roaming and I want to avoid  picking up any additional costs. I did some searching, and the only package I could really find was some sort of $10 per month for 200 international text messages. Seems pretty expensive..


I remember when I was with Verizon that they had a package that accomodated exactly what I needed. Any idea if AT&T has something similar?

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Re: Texting from within Canada

Call customer care and ask about the AT&T® Nation with CanadaSM - rate plans


800-331-0500 or +1.916-843-4685 (direct to Int'l care)  The 916 number is free from your wireless phone even when roaming outside the US.

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Re: Texting from within Canada

Nation Plus Canada is voice only: Their SMS deals aren't great. You are better off getting some Canadian data and using Google Voice or Text Plus.
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