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Tethering to a home network


Tethering to a home network

Hi How would I tether my iPhone to my home network? I currently have a server running server 2000 and the desktops connected are running xp. The network is connected by Ethernet wires. I have a cable modem as the current Internet source. I would like to replace the cable modem with my iPhone. But I don't know what I need to have for the server to picki up the mifi signal from my phone. I've used wireless routers before to send out wifi into a home network, but I've not set upma router to pick up wifi and distribute Internet to computers wired to the router. Thanks AS
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Re: Tethering to a home network

Why would you replace your modem?  The tethering plan give you 4GB data and charges you $10 per 1GB of overage.  Not very good for a full time connection as you'd eat through your data allotment.


But hey, it's your money.


There are different ways.  If the computers and server all had Wireless network cards, you could have the iPhone work at a wireless hotspot using WiFi.


If not you can have your iPhone connected directly to your server via the USB sync cable.  Then have your server route all the internet connectivity to the other computers from its ethernet port to the routers WAN port.

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Re: Tethering to a home network

I STRONGLY recommend you don't do this.


Using your cell phone as a cable modem for a network will be painfully slow, PLUS, IT managment-wise, unless you want to do it in only an emergency situation (all other access points have failed kind of thing) it's really not smart to do this.

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Re: Tethering to a home network

  1. Add wifi adapters to all your computers
  2. Have a Time Capsule or N WiFi Router handy
  3. Connect it to your cable modem

Presto - No more ethernet wires! Though you'll have half your speed.

Just be careful not to place your microwave near it or you'll lose your connection consistently when it's in use.



If you want to throw away $105/$205/$305/$405 a month on using your iPhone as a Windows server connection, go right ahead. But AT&T may stop you before you reach $105 10GB spent usage.

  1. Add wifi adapters to all your computers (You're only allowed 3). If you have 4 or 5, Bluetooth and USB.
  2. Setup personal hotspot $45 plus every $10 a gig after 4 gigs.
  3. Add your computers by finding your iPhone as the server and enter the password provided.
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