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Terrible Service Terrible

Terrible Service Terrible

Terrible service! I called on At&t to send the background update to my Samsung Captivate 2.2 the update was specifically for Downloading Non Market Applications due to at&TS stupid security block. The lady told me to wait 90 minutes and then shut down my phone and I would be to able to download so I waited and nothing occurred I still get the security block. So I call again at 9:36pm I live in California .. and since att customer care shuts down at 10 the lady puts me on hold for ten minutes on purpose and says sorry but your going to have to call HTC? Wait what? I don't even own a HTC. Att your customer support is terrible and <keep it courteous> .Im going to try it again tomorrow. For God sakes att metro is better than you

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Somebody HELP!

Any at&t employee please push the new update so I can download non market apps cause apparently every att assistant has <keep it courteous> and can't cause a simple task as pressing a couple buttons on the desktop please help or I am going to go insane and switch to Verizon!

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Re: Somebody HELP!

What phone are you having trouble with?


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Re: Terrible Service Terrible

Samsung Captivate
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Re: Terrible Service Terrible

The problem is that the normal CSRs don't have the ability to push the update. It requires an advanced support person. You'll have to be very specific and patient with the CSRs. It took me three calls before I was finally able to get across what I wanted and get transferred to someone who could help me. He then had to contact someone else to do the actual push to my phone.


And just an FYI, you won't see anything happen on the phone and none of the menus will change. The unknown sources option won't show up but you will be able to install non market apps.

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Re: Terrible Service Terrible

I was very specific I got sent to advanced technical operator she said she will push the update to delete the security that it would take 90 minutes I know that no changes or nothing will pop up I just hate the fact that she lied about pushing the update she knew exactly what I was talking about...
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