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Temporary International Calling while on Vacation


Temporary International Calling while on Vacation

When I switched to AT&T, the in-store rep told me that if I needed to temporarilly add features to a line on my shared plan while on vacation, I could do that.  Then, when that person got back, I could drop the features.  He said I would get a prorated charge just for the period while I carried the freature.  


My son took a trip to Italy last week, so I added an international voice feature and an international messaging feature to his line.   He got back Friday, so I went to today and tried to drop these 2 features from his line.   It let me drop the international messaging feature, but there was no way to unselect the international voice feature.  I went ahead and dropped the messaging, thinking it might let me drop the voice feature when I went back in.    While I was doing that, a chat session promt popped up to see if I needed help.  I accepted it.  The representative did not tell me how to drop the voice feature, but what she did tell me was that I should not drop the feature for 30 days because it might take that long for the charges to "come through" from the foreign provider.  She also tells me that I will be charged 50 cents for every text message charge that "comes through" after I dropped that feature.  Excuse me, but aren't these things supposed to be charged according to the service date?


This seems neither legal or ethical.  Does this representative know what she is talking about?   I want to drop the voice feature now, but not if she is correct.   I have already filed a compliant with the FTC.  I doubt that much will come of it though.   Please advise.

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Re: Temporary International Calling while on Vacation

She is correct.  There could be a delay in reporting of the usage from the foreign carrier.  ATT has no control in the foreign carriers reporting.


What is Delayed Billing?
What is Delayed Billing?


I doubt your going to get anywhere with the FTC.

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Re: Temporary International Calling while on Vacation

There are some international features that cannot be dropped online.  You need to call and ask for them to be removed. 800-331-0500.

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Re: Temporary International Calling while on Vacation

I had also sent an email to AT&T to let them know I was upset with their policy.  Got the following very nice reply which basically says that the information I got from the onl-line chat was incorrect.   You only need to carry the international features while you are traveling.


Thank you for contacting AT&T International Care. My name is xxxxxx xxxxx and I will be glad to assist you with your international concern.

I sincerely apologize that your previous experience was not a positive one and
for any miscommunications that may have occurred. Let me assure you that we take
pride in our level of caller service. International plans are prorated features
which may be added or removed at any time as needed. In certain instances your
travels may fall between two billing cycles which is when you may be billed for
the service in two billing statements. However, it is not necessary for the
international services to be on your line longer that needed and may be remove
immediately upon your return.

I have reviewed your line and the international usage was only on the last
billing cycle which ended on March 26, 2011. I have removed the services as of
March 26, 2011, so that you are not billed for the $5.99 World Traveler service
beyond that billing period.

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Re: Temporary International Calling while on Vacation

I roam overseas very frequently and what you were told is sort of correct but bear in mind the following.  AT&T will price any charges that come through based on the date they receive them from the roaming carrier and not the date the charge occurs.  If you remove the discount plan too soon any charges that come through after that will automatically be posted to your account at the higher non discounted rate. 


The good news is that from most locations especially from Europe roaming charges do not take normally more than 1 to 3 days to be reported to at&t.  That is not however guaranteed!


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