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Tablet vs. Smartphone reception


Tablet vs. Smartphone reception

I recently changed job locations, and while I used to enjoy steady signal for browsing on my Samsung Galaxy S2, my new location switches from G, to Edge, to very rarely H+ all day long. I'm currently considering picking up a tablet such as Pantech Element, or Samsung Galaxy Tab with a data package since there is no wifi at my current job site.


My question is, will a tablet get the same signal in the same place as my smartphone, or are their antenna's stronger and I have a decent chance of holding h+ or better signal for extended periods of time?



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Re: Tablet vs. Smartphone reception

Like anything else, that depends on the manufacturer, as well as the specific tab in question. Personally, I'd never buy a tablet through any carrier, as tethering is just so much more convenient.

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Re: Tablet vs. Smartphone reception

Every device is different.  It depends on the hardware antenna design, the radio software, and can't be said as a blanket generalization whether a tablet is better or not in reception.  Do some Google research on the various devices (you are interested in) about tablet reception.  Then even so, reception can be such a location specific issue, it may come down to trial and error whether you get better reception on various tablets at your work location.

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