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Switching from Pay As You Go to Pick Your Plan


Switching from Pay As You Go to Pick Your Plan

I know this may seem like quite an obvious question to ask, but for some reason I am not able to find the answer... How does one go about switching from a Pay As You Go plan to a Pick Your Plan? I am currently on a $0.10/min. plan with a $19.99 unlimited messaging package. I want to switch to a $25/month plan for unlimited messaging plus 250 minutes. 

Also, I was wondering if a 3G device like the Samsung DoubleTime would work if I purchased it and inserted my GoPhone SIM card?


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Re: Switching from Pay As You Go to Pick Your Plan

You are likely not finding the answer on how to switch to a Pick Your Plan service because it no longer exists anymore. Smiley Tongue Pick Your Plan service was eliminated from AT&T's prepaid offering a couple of years ago, I think.

However, you can still change your plan as a Pay-As-You-Go customer. The $25/monthly 250 minutes and unlimited messaging plan is not a Pick Your Plan rate plan, as it has been added fairly recently, way after Pick Your Plan was dropped.

To switch to the $25/monthly plan, dial 611 and at the main menu, select "more options", then "rate plan". You will hear a series of plans and then you can switch from the $0.10 a minute plan to the new plan from there. Keep in mind, once you switch, you cannot switch back plans.

And yes, the Samsung DoubleTime will work fine for your new phone. Smiley Happy

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