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Switching Upgrade on Family Plan: Do both phones need to be in the same place?


Switching Upgrade on Family Plan: Do both phones need to be in the same place?

I have 2 phones on my FamilyPlan.  Both were iPhone 3GS.  While I was out of town, the other phone broke.  When they took that phone to the AT&T Store to see what the options were, the other user (who is an Authorized User) was told there was an upgrade available on the account (mine) and he was able to renew my contract, get an iPhone 4 and activate it on his number without me being there.


Now that the 4S is out, I am using his upgrade to get it.  However, I was told on the phone that I will need to activate the phone on his number and then take the SIM out of my 3GS and give him the SIM from the 4S.  My questions are:


1.  What about the SIM is specific to his contract (or mine)?  Why can't I just plug the phone into iTunes and activate it with my account/phone number?


2.  The reason for this question:  He is going to be out of town when the new phone arrives so if I need to, I can't wait until he is back but is there a way to activate my new 4S without having his phone there too (in a way that does not somehow kill his phone while he is gone)?  I'm thinking this is basically the same situation that happened when he used my upgrade to get his iPhone 4 while I was gone.


Kind of confusing but I appreciate any help you can give.





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