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Switch from Blackberry->Nexus one - data increase??


Switch from Blackberry->Nexus one - data increase??

Hi everyone,


So, I had a Blackberry Bold with only 200MB of data a month, as I didn't really use my phone for all that much extra "stuff".  Just email, an app or 2, txt and phone.  That phone broke and I was given a Google HTC Nexus One and not too soon after I switched phones, I got a warning that I had already used 65% of my data plan; a message I had never previously received with my Bold. 


I haven't downloaded any apps, have only used the Facebook app that came on the phone occaisionally but I close out of everything when I'm not using it.  Today, I got a warning that I was at 90% of my data plan and then just a few hours later, I had reached 100%.  When I received the 90% warning, I killed as many apps that were running as possible (just the ones that automatically start up when the phone is turned on) but it still reached capacity in a matter of hours!  I wasn't using any programs, just text/phone - but not even much in those departments.


Did switching my phone increase my data usage this much or is it some sort of mistake?  Is there anything I can do to ensure that I'm not using so much data??  Is my only option increasing my data plan to 2GB/month? 


Thank you!




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Re: Switch from Blackberry->Nexus one - data increase??

BlackBerrys compress data; that's part of the reason that there are different smartphone data plans based on OS. AFAIK, the Nexus doesn't compress data at all beyond the normal mobile websites that exist. So, doing the same activities on the two phones will cause much higher data usage on the Nexus.

I'd recommend the 2GB plan. If your billing cycle hasn't closed yet, you can change to this plan now and backdate it to the beginning of this billing period. This will prevent overages, as long as you don't exceed 2GB.

The reason that you received the 100% plan usage text after shutting most things down is because AT&T's data calculation lags behind real time.

Finally, if you want to ensure that you are not using mobile data, shut it off on your phone. I don't know exactly where it is on the Nexus One, but it should be in Settings> Wireless & Networks.
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Re: Switch from Blackberry->Nexus one - data increase??

When I switched from Blackberry 9000 to Atrix i noticed a huge increase in DATA usage.  Used under 150 mb on Blackberry and was over a gig on Atrix.  

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