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Swindled by AT&T and Motorola --- Karma (QA1)


Swindled by AT&T and Motorola --- Karma (QA1)

Amazing.  I have the 'freeze-fade-to-black-never-move-past-the-AT&T-logo' problem with my second Motorola Karma. (the first would intermittently freeze then reset itself at random intervals).  Called AT&T customer service, was assured by the very polite lady that my problem would be settled satisfactorily and am now awaiting delivery of a THIRD Karma,since switching to another phone would add $50 to my AT&T bill (the first Karma came with a $50 rebate).  Meanwhile, I am back to a 2 year old Nokia 6650 that is  dependable, sturdy and just works. Three Mototola Karmas in less than 6 months.  I feel as though I've been swindled by Motorola AND AT&T.  When my current contract is done (in two years, unfortunately) , I am through with AT&T and of course I will NEVER again purchase a Motorola product.

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Re: Swindled by AT&T and Motorola --- Karma (QA1)

I think that after three phones of the same type, you might be offered other choices.  If this third phone has problems, ask for a different model.  This is what happened with others on the third phone.  I know you are frustrated, and I would be also, but try and be very nice and polite-it is not the fault of customer service or the warranty department AND it tends to get you more of what you want.  I have heard lots of positive comments about the Karma; I am surprised you got two defective phones.  That would definitely be aggravating-hope the next one works well for you!  Good luck!

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Re: Swindled by AT&T and Motorola --- Karma (QA1)

You MUST specifically ask for a different make and model. Most, if not all, the front line reps are unaware of this policy.

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Re: Swindled by AT&T and Motorola --- Karma (QA1)

It must be Motorola, my EM330 has been replaced and is now cracking again in a different spot. Oh, and not available for upgrade until February 2011. They don't want to let me get a different type of phone that I hopefully wouldn' t have to worry about, without charging an arm and a leg, even though on Internet can see getting it for $29.99, so I will go shopping phone services elsewhere I guess.

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Re: Swindled by AT&T and Motorola --- Karma (QA1)

Hi, can you please tell me exactly what it is you must say to AT&T to receive a different phone.  I am currently waiting on my FORTH (4th) Karma.  All three of my previous phones had the same problem where one moment they were working fine and the next, the screen was completely black!  THREE different phones in 8 months and this time I asked the rep for a different, comparable (as far as features) phone.  I was told that the phone was still under warranty and that the only thing they can do is swap it for the same phone.  I asked for Motorola's number and after speaking with them, was told that there is a known issue with the Karma screens fading to black.  Motorola told me that a comparable phone through AT&T  was a QA4 Evo (which I haven't seen) and QA30 Hint (which also I haven't seen).  Motorola told me that since they were unable to conference a call with AT&T and myself they were giving me a reference number to provide to AT&T and that AT&T could call Motorola and confirm that there's a known problem with the Karma.  I just really feel I'm getting the runaround.  I called AT&T back with the Motorola reference number and explained to them exactly what Motorola explained to me only for AT&T to tell me that because the replacement order was being processed (less than 2 hours prior and had not been shipped) I would have to accept my 4th Karma.  In addition, AT&T stated that the two comparable phones that Motorola told me about were not in their warranty dept and therefore could not be offered.  The bottom line is that AT&T is not helping to rectify my problem.  I am their customer and I feel they should try to satisfy me and my concerns especially since I'm having the same exact problem with each phone.  There's no liquid damage, no impact damage and each phone faded to black without explanation.  I'm frustrated and exhausted; very unhappy with AT&T for not providing an exceptable solution (other than replacing with the same defective model) to a very loyal customer experiencing a major problem Smiley Sad


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Re: Swindled by AT&T and Motorola --- Karma (QA1) Time for a Class Action Suit?

Greetings and thank you for the feedback.

I am now on my FOURTH Karma and the random shutdowns have begun.  It is only a matter of time before the phone drops dead like the other 3.


I was never offered a comparable phone either by the ATT customer service rep, or by the rep in the ATT stores I visited.  Also, I did ask for a different phone (and for the record, I am ALWAYS polite to customer service personnel) but was told every time that I could BUY another phone - at full price, but that there was no way that ATT would replace the defective Karma phone under their replacement program.


I am considering seeking legal redress.  I'd be willing to bet that there are enough victims of this Motorola/ATT scam to interest an attorney in filing a class action suit.


And meanwhile, I still lack a reliable cell phone.

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Re: Swindled by AT&T and Motorola --- Karma (QA1)

Do you have any suggestions as to how this can be accomplished?  I have spoken to several customer service reps as well as "supervisors" and I have spoken with customer service reps at 4 different local AT&T stores.  The answer is always the same:  Only another Karma, unless I want to pay retail.

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Re: Swindled by AT&T and Motorola --- Karma (QA1)

You have to ask a warranty center rep for a different phone if you want that.

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Re: Swindled by AT&T and Motorola --- Karma (QA1)

I am also experiencing issues with the Karma...we upgraded three phones to it in January of this year and all are experiencing issues.  All 3original phones have problems with the screen freezing while none of the keys work to correct it; numerous dropped calls due to the signal fluctuating while standing still; and only one is having an issue with fuzziness or interference when talking on it. 


I have returned my phone under warranty twice now, and just received my third Karma today, and already the signal is fluctuating from 5 bars down to no bars while sitting in one spot.   I am extremely frustrated with this phone and would not recommend it to anyone.  So far my family has a total of 5 of these Karmas that haven't worked right and we'll see how AT&T handles my problem today.

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