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Stuck in landscape mode!


Stuck in landscape mode!

I have been running FROYO since the day it came out from samsung.  I am having an issue where somehoe in the last week there was some sort of stealth update that has updated the home button to call Desktop Home.  This stupid app seems to want ot force the screen in landscape mode and will not come out of it.  If I do a factory reset, it fix's teh home key and the landscape/portrait changes.  But this only is fixed for at max an hour!


Has anyone had this problem or know how to resolve this issues?


If it requires me to remove part of andriod please let me know!

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Re: Stuck in landscape mode!

Are you using it on a Samsung Desktop Cradle? The cradle will force the phone into desktop dock mode and change the home button to desktop home app. It is a feature that was promised for Froyo 2.2.

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Re: Stuck in landscape mode!

I never had the problem with my Captivate until I upgraded to Gingerbread, now my screen is locked in Landscape Mode and I never use a cradle device.  I also do a Factory Data Reset and it works sometimes for a few hours, then locks back into landscape mode. Now the phone also will not be recognized by Windows in order to use as a device or anything else.  My other Captivate will not be recognized by Windows in order to do an upgrade to Gingerbreads.


I've never found a fix for this and it doesn't seem to be widespread.  Problems with the Captive do, but not this particular problem.  AT&T admits there was a bad batch of these phones and should get with Samsung and replace them or offer a discount to switch or something.  Samsung verified over the phone with me that one of mine was under warranty, so I sent it in to be fixed and they sent me an email telling me that it was NOT under warranty!?  Let's get together here and make up our minds.  In the meantime, I'm upgrading to a Motorola.

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