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Store opening time on Friday 10/14


Store opening time on Friday 10/14


For a bunch of reasons,  I wasnt able to pre-order a 4S last week,  so if I want one I'll have to take a chance at a store this Friday.  Does anyone know what time the stores are supposed to open?   And the million-dollar question,  are the stores going to have a good amount of phones for those of us waiting in line?


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Re: Store opening time on Friday 10/14

I am betting 8am at most locations. The local stores in our area normally open at 10am, but I know last year for the 4 and the year before or the 3g, they opened at 8.

If you go and just small talk with a salesman, you might be able to gauge that individual how many they have. I am guessing they will be getting their alotments later today or tomorrow for Fridays release.
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Re: Store opening time on Friday 10/14

I'm supposed to be getting a call from not one, but TWO sales associates to give me an idea of how many iPhone 4s' they've been allotted. I had small talked one over the phone and another in person (and told them I'd be standing in line with my autistic son so would hate to wait in line and not end up getting at least one phone).

But my store is opening at 8am 

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