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Stop the nags to update AT&T bloatware


Stop the nags to update AT&T bloatware

AT&T has installed some bloatware on my phone - Where, Family Tracker, Radio, and similar.  They are now nagging me to update.  I do not accept the terms and do not accept the updates, but the notifications keep coming back.  How do I tell the phone, once and for all, that I will never update these applications?  I know that AT&T won't allow me to uninstall applications that I don't want, but they could at least stop bugging me about them.

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Re: Stop the nags to update AT&T bloatware

Do you know that at&t is really sending you constant updates or notifications? Or is it just programed to keep notifying you. Uninstall, idk, but disabing yes.
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Re: Stop the nags to update AT&T bloatware

Sounds like the play store is notifying you. Only thing to do is update them and never use them. OR you can disable notifications in the play store but it will never tell you when to update apps you would want to
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Re: Stop the nags to update AT&T bloatware

Unfortunately the firmware/android version that AT&T MAKES YOU USE is the BLOATWARE.   AT&T likes to handcuff their phones to lesser software, causing you to just upgrade to a new contract/phone.  They also integrate AT&T apps into the firmware so you can't un-install them.


No matter what phone you have chances are there is a way to put your phone manufactures stock 

(or a customized/fasterfirmware on your phone.


Forums like XDA Developers could change all of that for you. Just find your device and research/read up on it. The XDA developers (DEVS for short) are much faster at fixing problems than AT&T. SONY now works with the XDA crew on phone development.

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