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Still only getting 56kbps


Still only getting 56kbps

I run a Microcell at work and one at home.  The one at work got upgraded to 200kbps or so a few months ago.  The one at home is still getting a mere 56kbps.  I really don't care about data speeds all that much except for when sending MMS messages, it's very slow (and it would be nice for it to be faster.)


Am I the only one still getting only 56kbps upload or is there still some roll out process going on that hasn't hit my home unit yet?


The one at work is on an AT&T 6Mbps DSL.  The one at home on 16Mbps down/4Mbps up Comcast.  But as far as I know this change is based on firmware version or some kind of configuration sent by AT&T wireless.



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Re: Still only getting 56kbps

That's interesting. We have 3 iPhone 3GSs and 1 iPhone4 utilizing our MicroCell (as well as various other cell phones) and have never noticed any slowness in uploading. I never checked the speeds because it always seemed to be just as fast inside the house with the MicroCell as it was outside and connecting directly to a tower. I know we got upgraded last month (but AT&T won't tell us what the upgrade was for) and it killed my MC to the point that I had to get a warranty replacement (Version 2 MC) but once that was working, speeds seemed to the same.


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"Quick Tips: My Microcell Doesn't Work"

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Re: Still only getting 56kbps

Odd...there was an update a couple of months ago that I thought had been rolled out to all MCells by now, that doubled the upload speeds.  My last speed test had my upload speed at 160 Kbps and download at 1.95 Mbps.  Prior to that update I was also getting only 56 Kbps upload speed.  I'm on a 20/2 cable Internet pipe.  I know it's obvious but have you tried rebooting your MCell to see if it gets an update.  I guess the other thing to try would be to deactivate/reactivate your MCell and see if that forces an update.  Again, it is so very frustrating that AT&T has chosen to not provide so much as a user accessible status page so that we could at least see if there was or was not a firmware update.

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Re: Still only getting 56kbps

Yes, it is odd.  Like I said I have an M-Cell at work and when I run a speed test it's showing the (about 160kbps.)  The one at home is stuck at 56kbps.  These are upload speeds.  Both get somewhere between 1-2Mbps down, which is fine.


I wonder if mine is failing to take the update.  I work for a company that sells a consumer electronic device that gets network updates and if there's flash memory problem it will fail to update.


I've fully deactivated and re-activated it, waited a few days and done multiple reboots.


I'm tempted to take this in to the store and get it exchanged but this seems like such a trivial reason.  Then again I paid $150 for it and expect it to work.  Sigh.

Thanks for the replies.  I'll wait and see for a while longer and call support...even though I now that'll do no good it would be due dilligence.

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Re: Still only getting 56kbps

FWIW, you might try a de-register / re-register on the one with the slow upload speed. That might force it to take the latest firmware.


Oh. You said you did that. Never mind. I got nothing. Smiley Happy


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Re: Still only getting 56kbps

You gotta love Microcell support.  "The microcell doesn't have any speed caps.  The only limit is your service provider."    She said the firmware update a couple of months ago was for connectivity issues and didn't have any speed changes.  (I know that's not accurate.)  I had to educate her that yes indeed upload is capped at 56k, and that cap was increased 2-3 months ago.

It was difficult even trying to explain the problem to her (and why anyone would condider it a problem.)  This is one reason I dread calling support.


I took the (home) microcell to work and activated it there.  Now Both connected to the same rotur, same DSL modem the (home) microcell gets about 1Mbps down/56k up, the (work) microcell gets 2Mbps down/180kbps up.

I even did the long press on the reset button which I believe to be a 'factory reset' and went through the activation process again.   No matter what I try, it's always just slower.


The support person suggested I just exchange it at the store.  So I will.  I might have just done that in the first place but I feel it's necessary to at least give support an opportunity.


I will add that it's not just about the speed cap not changing.  It's my concern that my microcell isn't getting the firmware updates that fix the other issues.  The one at work has been flawless lately but the one at home has not been.


Thanks for the suggestions.

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Re: Still only getting 56kbps

Microcell exchanged.

New one installed and activated.

Still only getting 56kbps upload.

It's even a HW version 2 whereas the former one was bought about a year ago (V1.)


I just don't get it.  I'm done trying to figure it out.  I'll just be happy it works cosistently.  I just watned to update this thread.

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Re: Still only getting 56kbps

The replacement showed no better data speed as I said. Also the last couple of days the macrocell keeps disconnecting and repeated power cycles it still wouldn't reconnect. I disabled port forwarding on ports 4500, and 500 and it now connects.
So I swapped the router (D-Link DIR-655) for my old tried and true Linksys WRT54GS.
Bam! Now I get 2Mbps down and 180kbps up over 3G microcell.
So either th router was causing the sped limitation or it was merely coincidence that my speeds increased and connectivity improved after I chnaged the router. When I have time in a few days I'll switch back to the DLink router and see if things get worse again.

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