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Steps for iPhone upgrade swap with someone else's upgrade


Steps for iPhone upgrade swap with someone else's upgrade

So it's obvious that you can do an upgrade swap with someone else that is eligible in your family plan and you are not. My questions is: what is the exact procedure? For those that have actually done this (maybe with the iPhone 3G last year), are these the steps to follow?


Step 1: Use your spouse's upgrade to buy the phone at $199.

Step 2: Activate your spouse's phone.

Step 3: Go to AT&T store and have them swap your plans. This probably includes swapping SIM cards then switching the data plans.


My question is, is Step 2 necessary? Do you have to activate your spouse's phone? Or when you get the iPhone, can you just pop your own SIM card instead?


Logically, I'm thinking you indeed have to complete Step 2 because that's how the new 2 year activation plan is put on your spouse's phone number.


Anyone that has done this know for sure? Thanks. 

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Re: Swapping iPhone with family member

As this thread states, yes you can do this.  I find it easier to go into an ATT store and have them swap sims and data plans around to ensure your account is setup correctly.


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