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Sprite Backup Question


Sprite Backup Question

i've had my at&t tilt 2 for 5 months and had only a (very) positive experience with it.  i read throughout the forum of all sorts of problems and failures of the tilt 2.  i've tweaked mine in many ways, including registry, and it performs strongly and has yet to need any resetting whatsoever.  i mention this as a positive statement for the tilt 2 vs so many bad experiences folks report.


i do not have a backup program and need to get that done.  i'm leaning tword sprite backup.  i know there are several good b/up programs available.  i downloaded sprite's manual and been looking it over.


sprite back question:  it may be completely understood, but i don't see it plainly said in the manual, will sprite back up my whole pda completely, registry, all programs and settings, all rom, all everything?  will it allow me completely screw up my whole pda and then get me back to everything just as it was before the screwup?  

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Re: Sprite Backup Question

Yes to all your questions.  The other program you should look into would be SPB Backup.

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