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Southern California outage?

Southern California outage?

Anyone else having problems with their MicroCell in Southern California?  I'm in West Hollywood, and I noticed my connection went down last night -- the GPS and bars lights were blinking, so I power-cycled the unit before I went to bed.  Noticed this morning when I woke up that I still didn't have a connection and the lights were still blinking, so I power-cycled again.  Four hours later, same thing.

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Re: Southern California outage?

I was out for a while yesterday, and am now out again in echo park. typical though. it's either all or nothing for me. obviously my internet is working just fine, as usual.

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Re: Southern California outage?

I'm out of service, too.  I'm in Manhattan Beach, if that matters.  I'm really hoping I don't need to perform a "reset" on the device and re-establish the service on my MicroCell account.

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Re: Southern California outage?

AT&T MicroCell tech support told me that if mine had blinking lights for more than 24 hours after a power-cycle to take it back and get a new unit, since mine had apparently failed to the point of not being able to establish a signal lock.  Did that yesterday afternoon.  Took home and set up my third MicroCell that is working... for now.

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