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Sounds Problem (No Ringtones, Text Alerts, Alarms, etc.)


Sounds Problem (No Ringtones, Text Alerts, Alarms, etc.)

I have a Samsung Jack that I got barely over a year ago and the sounds just quit working. The only way I know my phone is ringing is IF I see the screen light up. It's the same for any kind of alert such as text message alerts or an alarm I've set. This just happened out of the blue. Everything else is still working as far as I know. Yes, my volume is up and the setting is on normal and I've made sure the 'silent' icon is not lit up on the screen. I took my phone up to an AT&T store and the representative on duty says this is common for my make and model of phone. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, have you been able to resolve the issue? Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can give me.
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Re: Sounds Problem (No Ringtones, Text Alerts, Alarms, etc.)

I strongly recommend getting the latest firmware for your device, refer to Good chance this isn't the problem for your device, but you never know, best to always have the latest firmware anyways, we always want our phones to meet max efficiency Smiley Very Happy. Next, if this is not able to solve the issue, try attempting a soft reset by removing the battery while the phone is on. One last step, if your issue still has not been resolved to this point, you may need to attempt a master reset of your device (please be aware that you will lose ALL data, unless it is properly backed up), refer to If by now your issue has not been resolved, best to give us a call, please be advised you will have to repeat these same troubleshooting steps, from that point, if applicable, you will be given replacement options, if your interested.

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