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Sony Xperia x10 2.1 update

Sony Xperia x10 2.1 update

First id like to say AT&T really {language filter evasion} this up, not just the xperia but all their android phones of 2010, not ONE single android update to any android phone in 2010 not only should SE drop AT&T but so should all other android manufactures. (check this image out)


now SE is not a fault here, its their fault the phone was released with out of date OS but i give them a break b/c they have released updates (7 or 8 months ago:/ sry AT&T but if ur testing takes that long then u are changing too much stuff) and this is thier first step into the android field.


to anyone thinking about starting a contract with AT&T, DONT, not if u plan on using an android phone, u wont see updates for ~1 year after they are released to the rest of the world/never see them at all.


to anyone who got the xperia and wants 2.1 there is still hope!! go here and download the x10 flash tool, then go here for an easy to read guide on how to get 2.1 and even the new multitouch update (may need an XDA account). the roms here are the SE genaric rom and dont have all the AT&T bloatware and lockdown crap. I flashed my x10 today, took about 20-30 mins and it runs great.


the x10 is a great phone, too bad we had to suffer the fail of AT&T. if i had a choice i would not be using AT&T for my cell service and once im on my own contract ill be giving AT&T the boot and never looking back.

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Re: Sony Xperia x10 2.1 update

I watched the video. I'm afraid to do it,since I'm running xp on my crappy,expensive Sony Vaio pc. I know some at&t Xperia users have upgraded the os. I use SE software, have contacts,etc.backed up from my other SE mobile. Will rooting and upgrading the os turn my phone into an expensive brick?
Thank-you for everyones help.
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Re: Sony Xperia x10 2.1 update

You are absolutely correct!!!  Every x10 user should be updating their phone, and if you can't do it officially, do it with flashtool....but why are all of you stopping at 2.1 when XDA has several versions of 2.2/2.3????  Warranty is not an issue since reflashing your original firmware is always an option, and you've all already broken your warranty anyway by installing 2.1 without at&t's consent.  A couple 2.2 roms are EXTREMELY stable and nearly as complete as they get, and the 2.3 roms are stable enough for daily use, but you may lose a few features.


Also, everyone here should be looking into xrecovery and data2sd.  These two apps will prove themselves invaluable every time you use your phone!!  Installing a combination of cyanogen6, xrecovery and data2sd, I get benchmark scores 7xfaster than I do with at&t's branded rom and 5x faster than I do with sony ericsson's official 2.1 Smiley Surprised


This can all be found at xda-developers.  Just look through the development section and you'll find everything you need.

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