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Sony Xperia Ion Jelly Bean update???


Sony Xperia Ion Jelly Bean update???

I can hardly find any info as to when the Sony Xperia Ion will be recieving an update to Jelly Bean, other than a statement saying that it will. Can anyone shed any light on this subject?

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Re: Sony Xperia Ion Jelly Bean update???

Went to ATT store yesterday, was told update to JB was coming but they can't do all phones at once, ATT rep called Sony while I was standing there. Am considering both unlock and update to JB. I have year left on contract though so will have to pay remainder of phone cost about $200 to get out of contract. Anyone know what carriers I can use unlocked Ion on other than ATT. Their coverage is terrible in my area but i love the phone.

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Sony xperia ion Jelly Bean update?

Where is the update the international version already has it
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Re: Sony xperia ion Jelly Bean update?

bump! sick of waiting!
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Re: Sony xperia ion Jelly Bean update?

It isn't coming.  AT&T is NOT releasing it.

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Re: Sony xperia ion Jelly Bean update?

why wouldnt they the phone is only a year old

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Re: Sony xperia ion Jelly Bean update?

Only AT&T could tell you why, all I know (from my sources who deal directly with Sony and AT&T and their relationship) is that JB is not comin to the AT&T ion.

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Re: Sony xperia ion Jelly Bean update?

ill see what they say at the At&t store

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Re: Sony xperia ion Jelly Bean update?

yaboykenny wrote:
ill see what they say at the At&t store

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went yesterday, they say its coming but not sure when, next couple weeks maybe. Rep called Sony.

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Re: Sony xperia ion Jelly Bean update?

thanks a lot, but i think its up to AT&T to release the update

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Re: Sony Xperia Ion Jelly Bean update???

just did upgrade mysefl. Great instructions. Worked.

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Re: Sony Xperia Ion Jelly Bean update???

I chatted with Customer Service with both AT&T and Sony this morning. This is the transcript of the conversation - take it for what you will.


Thank you for your patience! Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.
Welcome! You are now chatting with 'Ben '
Ben : Hello Adam! I am looking into the update for the ion now.
Adam : Thank you
Ben : I am sorry Adam, but I am not finding any information on when the Xperia Ion will have the Jelly Bean udpate on our network.
Adam : I'm reading on the net that it has been made available for the Ion Has already been adopted overseas and is just waiting for ATT to announce a date. How would I find out the official answer to my quetsion?
Ben : I am sorry but at this time there is no information in our systems of when the update will be active on our network for the Ion.
Adam : OK no information on your systems. How would I find out what the policy would be . I get conflicting statement even on the Official ATT customer blogs - are these blogs ignored by the company and don't even care to address the concerns placed on them?
Adam : What is the next level to raise my query?
Ben : I will get a supervisor for you. One moment please.
Adam : Thank you
One moment while I transfer the chat to 'Tiffanie  '.
Welcome! You are now chatting with 'Tiffanie  '
Tiffanie  : Hello Adam I am the manager you requested. How can I help you today?
Adam : Thank you have you read my previous questions
Tiffanie  : No I am doing so now. Smiley Happy
Adam : Thank you
Tiffanie  : I am looking into this update now.
Adam : Thank you
Tiffanie  : What software do you have in your phone now?
Adam : Ice cream sandwich
Tiffanie  : Is it the 2.3.7?
Adam : 4.0.4 I'm reading about 4.1.2 or even 4.2.2
Adam : Just from a google searchSmiley Frustratedony Xperia Z now receiving Android 4.2.2, AT&T Xperia Ion 4.1.2‎ by Christopher Chavez - in 5,750 Google+ circles Jun 25, 2013 - Sony Xperia Z now receiving Android 4.2.2, followed by the A&T Sony Xperia Ion receiving Android 4.1.2. Better late than never.
Tiffanie  : We are unable to have information on those software updates until the manufactr releases them to us I can give you the number to Sony and you can see if they will push the software to your phone.
Adam : Alright, but if I'm reading the information the hold up is with ATT
Tiffanie  : Well what happens is that the manufactr give the software updates to us and then we test them and alter them to make them compatible for our phones but I am not seeing any information on those updates for your phone.
Adam : Just a mo I'm beinging to chat with Sony
Tiffanie  : All right.
Adam : Thank you
Tiffanie  : You are very welcome take your time let me know what they say. Smiley Happy
Adam : I will
Adam : Agent Jason: In regards to your inquiry, we already rollout Jelly Bean for the Xperia™ Ion, however, as your phone is branded with AT&T they are the ones that need to release it for their phones because they need to customize it first as their request.
Tiffanie  : Great well it is being processed then by are company. I do apologize but we do need to test the software out before we send it out to our customers.
Adam : Sooo..... As the cat is out of the bag when do ion customer's see when it will be released. These notification have been shown on the web for over a month
Tiffanie  : We are unable to give an exact date of when the update will be released.
Adam : Ball park then
Tiffanie  : I do not have that information available.
Adam : Can you have someone email me with the information.
Tiffanie  : I am unable to have anyone email you because we do not know exactly when the release date is.
Adam : But if the update is released and you say that AT&T needs to test the update. We can assume there is a schedule somewhere for it's testing somewhere sometime with a project date for completion. Someone has to know.
Tiffanie  : When the update comes out you will receive an update notification on your phone.
Adam : I'm not satisfied with that answer but I will leave it there. However I will post our conversation. Thank you Tiffanie, I know you have done your best to help.


[edited for privacy]

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Re: Sony Xperia Ion Jelly Bean update???

I was sold this phone last year with the assurance that it was getting the 4.1 update from Sony.  Is ATT going to back out on thier word now? 

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Re: Sony Xperia Ion Jelly Bean update???

So, I spoke with AT&T Tech Support over the phone yesterday, and they told me that they had just received the update from Sony about a week ago. The rep told me that it was currently in the testing phase and that it should be rolling out soon, but she couldn't give me a specific date. But she confirmed that it was coming out FOR SURE. 


Pay no attention to Spectre51 and his/her ill-informed conjectures... 


It will be coming soon, just be patient. I've been waiting for it too. It feels like forever... But our wait is almost over!!! 

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Re: Sony Xperia Ion Jelly Bean update???

No conjecture here just facts as provided to me by a knowledgeable Sony rep who definitely is in the know more so than a tech support rep. But go ahead and keep holding out for AT&T, they've never let anyone down before Smiley Wink.

I will check again (probably about the 5th time) with my friend, ahem contact, to confirm once again there is no JB update planned for the ion on AT&T.
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Re: Sony Xperia Ion Jelly Bean update???

I should've been more specific. I had an online chat with a tech support agent a few days before I received the phone call from AT&T. The tech support agent couldn't help me out at the time, because she didn't have the information, so that was the end of that conversation. The next day, I received a survey text message from AT&T asking me how happy I was with the online chat session. I replied back with a 10 (being the best), saying that the rep was very friendly and professional, but that the information was not given to her so there was no way of her knowing. The next survey text message asked if the problem had been resolved, and I replied back with "not resolved" and a small paragraph explaining the situation. The next day, a woman calls me and gives me the information that I was requesting. Now that's pretty awesome customer service! She gave me an answer I was happy with, and that's that the update would definitely be released. Now okay, she didn't give me an exact date, but she said it would be released soon and that the update was in the testing phase. If they weren't going to release the update, why would they be testing it? And based on what you're saying you're either calling the AT&T rep a liar, or myself. 


You say your "friend/contact" knows this information, but how do we know that you're not making this stuff up? Granted, my information could be false too, but at least my claim gives people hope, whereas your claim only upsets and disappoints.


Only time will tell who is right. But in the meantime, why don't you stop saying that it's not going to come out, because you're not 100% sure. I don't know for sure either, but at least I heard it straight from AT&T, not from some Sony "friend" of yours.... Sony announced that they released the update. Why would they release the update for other versions of the Ion, but not the AT&T version? It just doesn't make sense. If I was another Ion user that's reading this and waiting for the update, I'd trust the information that came from the source, in this case being AT&T, rather than some random "friend" of yours at Sony....


[Please keep it courteous]

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