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Sony Ericsson w518a general quality...???


Sony Ericsson w518a general quality...???

It seems that the majority of those owning the SE w518a are dissatisfied with it.

Many complain of issues with this handset.

It's a pity, because it has many features I find VERY interesting plus I believe it to be a device I could go for when contract renewal comes my way. The only nagging thing, speaking for myself, is that the phone appears to be full of bugs that a huge percentage of those going for it are uncool with.

Owner input here, whether good or bad, is greatly appreciated.

BTW: I have read all the owner reviews of the handset in this website.

Please don't refer yours truly to read them because I have.

Looking forward to your views.

Many thanx...

Peace<-AladdinSane-<-Robot wink-

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Re: Sony Ericsson w518a general quality...???

I bought it online without actually looking at in store. The keypad is pretty bad. It is hard to navigate without hitting the wrong key. Reception and sound quality is ok. No complaints there. I am unable to use bluetooth to transfer files to windows 7 PC.

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Re: Sony Ericsson w518a general quality...???


It doesn't sound too promising as being a worthwhile phone to get, speaking for myself. It's a pity, because the handset itself has many worthwhile features that I would be interested in. I hoped to get some positive feedback concerning this particular device. Most reviews seem borderline fair to definitely poor. Wotta shame.

Peace!<-AladdinSane-<-Robot Happy-


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Re: Sony Ericsson w518a general quality...???

Well the phone is OK the navigation can be a bit tricky because of the way they formatted the buttons, it's hard to flip open compared to other flip phones. The major problem and one of the reasons I'm getting ready to hit a local store (for new battery or replacement) is because of the battery life, I fully charged my phone last night and it's now 11:51pm the next night and I haven't used the phone but one time and the battery is 2 bars from being dead.


Not happy at all..

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Re: Sony Ericsson w518a general quality...???

Well, I am not happy about the battery life of my w518a either. I received my phone yesterday afternoon and fully charged the phone. Now it's 2:30PM and the battery is just one bar from being dead. I will charge the phone again tonight and see how it is going. It says the stand by time could "up to 16.6 days", what a joke!

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Re: Sony Ericsson w518a general quality...???


After doing some research last night, I just debranded my w518a into W508 and was able to turn off the 3G network. All my problems were solved by doing this: the signal reception was turned from only one bar into full bars; and then the battery life would be much longer as the better signal reception.

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Re: Sony Ericsson w518a general quality...???

I've been all over the internet and hearing much about debranding the phone. However, no one ever states where and how they get the NCK Unlock Code. Would you please, please enlighten me? I tried calling the company and that didn't work. They told me in order to obtain the code from them, I'd have to cancel my service w/ them and I don't want that either. So it's either crappy phone w/ service or great phone w/ out service. Anyway, how can I get it? Do you have to purchase it somewhere?


Any info would be appreciated.



Kind regards,


DesperationWoman Sad

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Re: Sony Ericsson w518a general quality...???

ATTM customer care can get the code for you.
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Re: Sony Ericsson w518a general quality...???

I've had mine for a couple weeks now, and the reception is my only real complaint. I like the keypad and I can text very quickly with it. SE has a wonderful texting method.


Call reception is absolutely horrible though. I have to be very careful how and where I hold my phone.

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Re: Sony Ericsson w518a general quality...???

Does "Debranding exstend the battery life. Also I hear you on the reception, It doesn't have as many bars as my old LG. I have heard alot about Debranding on here and I don't use the 3G network anyway, but I just got the phone a week ago and I don't want to void my contract.

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Re: Sony Ericsson w518a general quality...???

Don't worry about voiding any so-called contract. It is essentially your agreement to pay. Maybe you void your "warranty" on the handset by de-branding. Don't know and don't care myself. The branding is insufferable. Been using de-branded or unbranded since the W810i; I am sort of an S/E collector. Now as far as quality goes, I think it is good. The battery cover is a pain and pretty thin but I bet you can replace it cheap. The sim holder is a pain too. Got my phone in the go phone store, a refurb. As always, I find no issue because it is a refurb. The keyboard is not very desirable but I think it is usable. Hopefully it will not cease to work as my C905 did. I really favour a little more height to the keys, with the W810 being my favorite and C510a second favorite. Yes, turning off 3G should help the battery life a bunch. Not enough data here on that since I only de-bricked it today. One surprise is the RF seems better than most. Either that or the propagation is better today. My coverage is weak but I was able to load up gmail and opera mini without having to go out in the pasture.
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