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Sony Ericsson W810i - cannot make or receive calls


Sony Ericsson W810i - cannot make or receive calls

I have a sony ericcson w810i cell phone and since yesterday I cannot make or return calls. The phone appears to be functioning properly otherwise. Whenever I make a call I cannot hear anything and the call disconnects after giving a beep-beep after a few seconds. I know it rings on the other side as I tried this by calling my home phone. Also when someone calls me I can answer the call but then it does not connect. I cannot hear anything. Neither does the calling person. I have tried rebooting the phone. Taken the battery out and kept it out for a few hours. Did a phone settings reset. If anybody can provide any guidance that will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Sony Ericsson W810i - cannot make or receive calls

The W810i is a real classic.  Shame for it not to work.  Mine is going on 5 years though I don't use it much any more as I expect a phone to do more that it was made to do.  Still an awesome piece of equipment.


First shot I think would be a full reset.  Cannot remember where that is in the menu, and it will likely clear just about everything you have put in but it might work.


Second shot would be to nuke it by flashing.  You need the cable and a windoze peecee.  The process is essentially the same as doing a W580i, for which we have a thread down the way.  You will have to hunt for the firmware, and note that you really would rather have a generic pack than the Cingular version which is loaded with garbage.  With a generic pack you lose "Mobile Email", Oz lousy IM tool and probably  a bunch more cingular apps.  Jack Splat key becomes Activity Menu and you gain the mighty fine S/E mail tool. 


If you are not up to doing the work to debrand, you can avail yourself of services like da Vinci Team where they wrap it up and make it real easy for a few bucks.

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Re: Sony Ericsson W810i - cannot make or receive calls

While it may be a problem with the phone itself, I would first confirm that by moving your SIM to another phone and see if the problem persists. 


Since the calls are completing but you just aren't getting a live "connection", it could be a problem with the service in your area, and/or your SIM, etc.  The symptoms sound similar to what I've experienced when travelling in both Miami and Dallas where network congestion is a problem.  Calls will sometimes "connect", but I get a vacuum cleaner sound on the line rather than having an actual live connection.

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