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Sony Ericson Arc S and AT&T Services


Sony Ericson Arc S and AT&T Services

Hi all,


Just a quick question,


I gonna buy an Arc S model from Sony Ericsson online store. But I am not sure does it compatible with the AT&T data and line service or not? 


To avoid any contract I wanna use prepaid sim card and charge it every month and buy data service from local store for $25/ 500 Mb. All of these are cuze I really like to test this model and I am a SE fan!!   Smiley Wink


What do you think! Is it economical? any better suggestion would be appreciated.  Smiley Happy


Tnx and happy holidays!

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Re: Sony Ericson Arc S and AT&T Services

Get the data traffic widget on your home screen with your other widgets (WiFi toggle,screen brightness,etc),to switch OFF data. You will be able to make calls and receive text messages,just can't send and receive MMS messages and go online.
Get data monitor apps at ANDROID MARKET. Another way to monitor data. Also,send text messages to at&t to monitor data usage. All I can say is that I wish you the best.
I have an unlocked Xperia Arc that I like very much,but at&t has cut my download bandwidth speeds,and I have UNLIMITED DATA,SO PLEASE,BE CAREFUL!!
You will end up liking this phone,much better than a locked,branded at&t mobile!!
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