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Something wrong with 2767 Broadway At&t Store


Something wrong with 2767 Broadway At&t Store

We started a family plan and buy 4 new iphone 4S on May 22nd. When doing the payment, we were charged 100 USD (which I have exactly no idea what's for) each from the At&t store and also each of us 500 USD of deposit. We were definitely told that we would get 400 USD back when the first month's bill is coming out. But when the bill finally came out yesterday, I didn't see the 400 credits in my account. After a short visit to this store this morning, they told me not to worried about this and everything would be fixed in 3 hours.  But after more than half a day and even several telephone calls to that store, nothing changed and they just used too many customers as excuse for not giving the credits back. I think there must be something wrong with this store and the 100 dollars they charged. I am also 100 percent sure that there must be more of us.

The store's phone number is 212-865-8600.

Please let some one from At&t check this situation!

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