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Some sort of Messaging Service billing

Some sort of Messaging Service billing

Just noticed I got billed 9.95 for some kind of messaging service.


Reviewed my "spam" text messages that At&T lets thru. Message stated I would be billed 9.95 unless I texted "Stop" to them. Given it was just a "number" and not a phone number, I ignored it as always.


Before I call to have it removed, how do I get information about who billed me?

Checked the so called web address and it is worthless.

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Re: Some sort of Messaging Service billing

You can see who billed you, cancel and request refund here:

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Re: Some sort of Messaging Service billing

Appreciate the info.!  Doesn't tell me where they are located or how to contact them?


Any ideas?

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Re: Some sort of Messaging Service billing

Call 611 from your AT&T handset and press the buttons according to the menu to speak to a person, then get it removed.


A little while ago, I got a text from 989-52 ( for their $9.99/month ChalkBoardIQ idiotic service).  The text said to enter a password at their web site to continue, or text "Stop" to discontinue.  I did nothing, no response of any kind.  Within less than 5 minutes, I had another 2 texts - the first confirming my signing up for the service, and the second with my "first" IQ message.


As I say, I did nothing, no response at all to any of these texts from my iPhone, nor did I even go to their web site.  I immediately called AT&T.  The very nice woman who came on the line confirmed that my account was showing a $9.99 charge for an active, monthly subscription to ChalkBoard IQ.  I explained that I had never heard of this business, never contacted them, and most certainly did not subscribe to their texting service (and I told her that there were numerous web reports of this dispicable company signing up people without their permission).  I also told her I was not going to respond with "Stop" as I did not want any record that I had ever responded to this scam in the first place.  She agreed, immediately reversed the charge and blocked the subscription.  She also placed a block on my account from any and all AT&T marketplace subscription services, so hopefully this kind of scam won't happen again (and honestly, AT&T needs to vet their marketplace vendors better - NO Company should be able to subscribe me without some active authorization on my part, period!).


Regardless of the how this was allowed to happen in the first place, the AT&T representative was very nice, immediately took care of the unsolicited and unauthorized charge, and even placed the block on all future such text subscriptions.  And there can be no confusion about it, as I never once, in any way, responded to the 3 text messages.  So, I say just call them and let AT&T take care of it - they seem pretty responsive to text message scams and abuse.

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Re: Some sort of Messaging Service billing

The same thing happened to me,


I agree with you gwnorth, I think AT&T needs to vet these venders, I also beleive they should send us an email so we can confirm the charges or have us enter a password instead of just letting anyone with our phone number to add a charge to our bill.


And AT&T customer service has always been kind to me as well. I still haven't called about this though, I got the bill Saturday but tomorrow will be my first chance to call.

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