Solitaire License Validating


Solitaire License Validating

I have a new Pantech Link onto which I have downloaded Solitaire Deluxe 16-Pack v. 1.4.24 from GOSUB 60, Inc. I had a previous version of the app on my recently replaced Nokia 2320. With the new phone, everytime I open the app it validates the license. This is not possible if I do not have any signal, like when I'm on the subway. It also cost $00.01 per validation. This did not happen with the previous version on the Nokia phone. 


Is there a way to stop the validation? If not does anyon one knoe of a good, self contained Solitaire app?




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Re: Solitaire License Validating

The only thing I know to suggest (if you haven't already resolved this) is to take a look within the settings for the Solitaire application itself to see if there is an option to turn off the "every time" validation there (probably not, but it won't hurt to check).

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