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Soft Reset Samsung Captivate


Soft Reset Samsung Captivate

Does anyone know how to soft reset the samsung captivate?

Mine keeps freezing and freaking out. I take out the battery at it seems to do nothing. I have a task killer, but that doesnt help with these problems..


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Re: Soft Reset Samsung Captivate

Resetting "Galaxy S" based phones

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Re: Soft Reset Samsung Captivate

The instructions above are for the hard reset. To soft reset this phone as per the manual, you just turn it off and on. But based on what you wrote I think the hard reset may be required

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Re: Soft Reset Samsung Captivate

My Samsung Captivate Freezes all the time.  It's quite annoying!  I am not sure if it is the Android software, the Samsung hardware, or AT&T's crappy service.  I have found that if hold the volume up key and the power key at the same time it will reboot your phone.  It takes a couple of seconds of holding.

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Re: Soft Reset Samsung Captivate

I complete reboot can usually be forced by holding down just the Power button for an extended period of time (if the device is frozen).


As to doing a "factory reset" - I'm not sure what the best way to do this on a stock phone is.  If you're rooted and running a custom ROM, doing a full wipe from Clockworkmod Recovery is easy - but phones don't come with CWM installed from the factory.


Unfortunately the filesystem (RFS) used in the stock firmware of Samsung phones is fairly awful.  It degrades over time in a manner similar to FAT.  That's why one of the first orders of business for custom ROM developers/kernel hackers for a new Samsung device is to port over Voodoo Lagfix (an automated conversion from RFS to ext4 - ext4 is the official standard filesystem for Android devices.)

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