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Smartphone data plan


Smartphone data plan

I just recently bought a smartphone and I knew that I was going to be charged for a data plan. I'm in a family plan with two other phones and we have unlimited text messaging plan. I checked my account and for some reason, the data plan I was charged with was the Smartphone Bundle without Messaging DataPro for $30. But I don't understand why I am being charged that particular plan when I have an unlimited messaging plan. I can't change the feature either because there are no other options when I look at my account. I really don't want to be charged for $30 when I know I won't be using that much data. Is there a way to change it to the $20/300 MB data plan? Help!

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Re: Smartphone data plan

While data plans for non-smartphones are discounted when you subscribe to unlimited text messaging, smartphone data plans for smartphones are the same price whether or not you subscribe to text messaging. You should be able to select the $20 300MB data plan on the website. If you don't see it shown you can have it added by calling customer care at 611.
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