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Smartphone (HTC Imagio Unlocked) With Prepaid ?


Smartphone (HTC Imagio Unlocked) With Prepaid ?

I'm thinking about getting the HTC imagio smartphone and buy the prepaid sim card off eBay or something lol and I wanted to know if I could use it for only texting like the Unlimited Messaging For 19.99/Month ? without data plans , and could o get minutes for calling on it too ?
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Re: Smartphone (HTC Imagio Unlocked) With Prepaid ?

Okay, great! Glad that you got it working.


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Re: Smartphone (HTC Imagio Unlocked) With Prepaid ?

Data pay-per-use is turned on by default for all phones on AT&T.  If  the phone is recognized as a smartphone by AT&Tand you attempt to use data, a data package will be added.  Since data is included with the new $50 Unlimited Talk, Text and Web plan, data usage will be blocked for any phone AT&T detects as a smartphone unless a data package is purchased.

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Re: Smartphone (HTC Imagio Unlocked) With Prepaid ?

I asked the reps and I get 3 different replies from 3 reps:
#1. Without a data plan, you cannot use data (web & email, sync etc) - the data feature is disabled. Very good if true.
#2. You must have a data plan (this is not per the AT&T terms for prepaid type).
#3. If you don't want data, you don't have to have a data plan. (This agrees with the AT&T terms for prepaid.)

It will be interesting to see if *any* smartphone with a GoPhone SIM, would work just like any GoPhone. The AT&T SIM card sold online does not say if it's for prepaid or postpaid.
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Re: Smartphone (HTC Imagio Unlocked) With Prepaid ?

I don't deduct anything for specific uses when I purchase gophone minutes. I just pay another $100.00 to my account, and then when I call, text, or go online to email, it just deducts what I used from the $100.00.

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