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Smart Limits and Mobile Web Filtering


Smart Limits and Mobile Web Filtering

This has been an interesting experience.  My son uses an HTC Freestyle which is not classified as a smart phone.  I thought that purchasing the unlimited data plan and then using the content filter might be a good option.  The result was quite laughable.  Upon turning on the content filter, it eliminated all data (except for messaging) from the phone.  The reature description on the ATT Wireless site is very vague on this.  For example...


- The weather app could no longer access weather data.

- No sites were available via the mobile web browser.  This includes the AT&T site and other kids sites.

- No other data related items worked.

- After an hour with support, they finally admitted that the content filter eliminates all access to data on the web.  That's why the weather app doesn't work, because it requests the data from a particular website.


Therefore, the features are not compatible.  AT&T's idea of a content filter is to eliminate all data (with the exception of picture messaging).  Without the filter, Mobile Web is a wide open web browser with access to any available site including from news to social networks to full porn sites (yes, I checked myself).


I also learned that AT&T Media Net and Mobile Web are not the same thing.  Otherwise, their statement about Media Net on the site that "AT&T does not offer content that is obscene or pornographic in nature" is completely inaccurate.


My suggestion:  I do want may son to have access to several sites.  I would prefer a content filter that allowed me to specify the sites which were permitted.  It would be a finite list of less than 30 sites.


I believe the unlimited data plan for non smart  phones is a great offer.  It is unfortunate that neither Smart Limits nor the Content Filter really provide true content filtering. 


I would be open to hearing if anyone has an alternative.

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