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Smart Limits and Go-Phone


Smart Limits and Go-Phone

Due to recent circumstances, I have to be on a prepaid phone.   I absolutely love the Go-phone having tried other prepaid carriers.   There is however, once major flaw and that is that the features and support are extremely limited.   I am having the same issues as regular account holders, and one main issue is that I am receiving spam phone calls and spam text messages several times a day 6 days a week.   If you attempt to call or reply to this number to trace, the number comes up disconnected.  There is nothing ATT can do, because I have a Go-Phone believe me I have tried.   Do you know of any other way I can block these messages, I do know about the reject list, that only helps in incoming phone calls, and they still show up as missed calls.   The texts I can't find a solution.   I do not want to change my phone number, since too many people have as well as possible employers.   


Thank you in advance for any help you can give me

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Re: Smart Limits and Go-Phone

Hi, irishgal59 - GoPhone users have access to our free AT&T Spam Controls for Wireless: In addition, you can text the actual spam message to short code 7726 (SPAM) to start an investigation. Thanks!

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