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Smart Limits Controls


Smart Limits Controls

If anyone hasn't figured out how to get to your smart limits controls, Ryan, an ATT customer service rep just helped me out and I now can get to it. He was really helpful.


Go to


On the right side, put in your wireless number and password


Once you are logged in go to the top of the screen where the tabs are click on the My ATT tab


Then, hover over (just hover, do not click on) the link Wireless


Once you are hovering on this, you will see 4 headings. The third one is For Your Security


There, you will see Smart Limits - click here and you will be able to control your smart limits account

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Re: Smart Limits Controls

Worked like a dream. Thank you so much. I was so frustrated with this Smart Limits thing. They really need to do a better job of placing this somewhere where it can be easily found. Their instructions on how to get to it are COMPLETELY WRONG.


Again, thank you so much!

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Re: Smart Limits Controls

Thank you for posting this.  And no thanks to AT&T for having a broken website for what, weeks?  I had been trying to manage Smart Limits for a couple of weeks before I gave up, removed the service from the phone, then re-added it.  I could edit the settings that way, but it was a one-time only solution.

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