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Slower Data speeds on my Galaxy S II than my captivate


Slower Data speeds on my Galaxy S II than my captivate


I have two phones. The Galaxy S II and the captivate. Both are new phones with new service. The Galaxy S II is HSPA+ and the Captivate is just 3G yet for my data speeds my Captivate is consistantly faster in internet speed tests. I have never seen over 3mbps on my Galaxy S II even though I live in an area with excellent HSPA+ coverage.  Most of the times the speed of my captivate beats the GS2 by over 1mbps. My last test I got 4+mbps on the captivate and only 3+ on the Galaxy S II. I have called in about it and they said everything looked like it was provisioned correctly on their end. So what else can be causing it? I am using the latest OTA update. 2.3.6 and my basband is ukk6. It's just really bothering me that every single time my "slower" captivate is getting better data speeds than my Galaxy S II. I'm still within my 30 days but I'm on my 2nd Galaxy S II already (the first one had 3 dead/stuck pixels) 

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Re: Slower Data speeds on my Galaxy S II than my captivate

Probably something to do with the HSPA + network. I'm in a UMTS only area and my skyrocket is faster than the captivate
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Re: Slower Data speeds on my Galaxy S II than my captivate

I first noticed the Captivate was consistently getting faster speeds in every single test I performed. (speedtest app, fcc app, speedtest web site, speak easy web site). I have checked the APN settings and they are correct. So I started doing tests with the inspire and it too was getting faster speeds. When I went into about phone and status under network type on my GS2 it would show "UMTS" for the most part when idle and then "HSPA" when I was streaming music. But when I wasnt streaming it would go back to "UMTS". Now I noticed when I did the same thing on the inspire and the captivate it would show "HSDPA" when idle and when streaming data.

So does this mean my GS2 isnt getting the full HSPA+ signal but just the HSPA signal? I'm curious as to why my GS2 stays at UMTS when the other's stay at "HSDPA" and my GS2 never shows "HSDPA"

I tried swapping the sims in the phones as well and have the same results, the gs2 not performing as fast.

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Re: Slower Data speeds on my Galaxy S II than my captivate

The status page is known to show bogus information about networks on GS2. As for speed, in most cases, there isn't any difference between HSPA+ and 3G because they all share the same congested backhaul network. You only get better HSPA+ speed on places that are not densely populated. Pay attention to upload speed instead. Captivate has a capped upload speed no higher than 300kbps while GS2 should get you around 1mbps. That's the only difference you will see.

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