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Slow reponse out of my iphone 4


Slow reponse out of my iphone 4

When opening folders, menus or emails the transition of the screen (like when opening the folder, it opens from the top and slides down) is slow, not a smooth transition.  Anyone else get this?  I am running 4.1.  Its like I am running too much in the background the processor cannot keep up.  


I did a restore and it seemed to fix it but now its doing the same thing.

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Re: Slow reponse out of my iphone 4

The average folder opening speed is within 3 seconds. I haven't noticed a slow opening before, but it can vary depending on how many applications are running in the multitasker. It could also be an iOS installation issue. You can try restoring your iPhone as a backup or restore as a new iPhone and see if the issue resolves.



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Re: Slow reponse out of my iphone 4

If your folders are taking 3 seconds to open, time for the Genius Bar...

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